Yuliana is Certified and Registered Bowen Therapist, trained in Advanced Bowen Technique. She is a registered member of the CBBG, the Official Registry for the Original Bowen Technique in Canada.

She is a Professional Healthcare Instructor, certified by the American Medical Association and is a member in good standing with the Preventative Health Group. She is currently continuing her education, working on her diploma of the Holistic Health Practitioner.

She believes that keeping up with modern holistic techniques is essential for the modern health practitioner.

She is a frequent presenter at various holistic healthcare events and facilities. 

She is also a Nishi System of  Health Optimization Practitioner and was endorsed to teach it by the founder of the European School of Nishi System. Prior to Canada, she taught the Nishi classes in USA and overseas.

 In her youth, Yuliana developed a strong passion for alternative medicine and healthy lifestyle  and  enrolled to the Academy of Health and Complementary Medicine.

Later in her life, she started to have issues with her back, that arose from the past sport activities, as well as unexplained dizziness and some other health issues.  First chiropractors, massage and acupuncture helped, but then she found herself being unable to function normally.  She heard of Bowen and decided to try it. To her surprise, her pain subsided after just a few sessions and hasn't come back. Also, the dizziness went away. She was able to resume ballroom dancing. Being in holistic healthcare for 10+ years, she was still fascinated by the results she had from Bowen therapy.

Upon graduation from the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, she added Bowen Therapy to her practice.

​Yuliana uses her intuition, education and knowledge to provide her clients with the best possible treatment.

Yuliana's main goal is to help her clients to reduce pain, stress, to improve overall health, and to make clients feel better.

To facilitate faster recovery and to prevent re-injury, she provides her clients recommendations such as remedial exercises, stretches and home self-care.

Whether you are using her services to get help with a health issue, for recovery from a sports injury, or just trying to reduce the everyday stresses of work and life, Yuliana will work with you to create a comprehensive treatment program, designed specifically for your needs.  No matter if your issues are big or small, Yuliana feels that the ultimate goal is to make you feel better, so she always listens to her clients and explains what she will be doing.

Complimentary consultation and assessment is included in your Bowen Therapy Session. 

Yuliana Rokhline, Bowen Therapist