Tara Waugh, RMT

registered massage therapist, owner

​Hello, thank you for taking the time to explore what I have to offer!

My treatment style is a blend of relaxing and soothing techniques with a bit of advanced techniques to address any postural imbalances and get to the root cause of your pain. I strongly believe massage therapy should not be correlated with pain, so I encourage great communication so that each massage is effective, brings relief to any aches or pains, and leaves you feeling relaxed.

As a neurodiverse individual, and a mother to an autistic child, I have an innate ability to connect with other neurodiverse individuals, and am able to empathize with their needs at a deeper level. If you feel drawn to incorporating massage therapy into your self-care practices, please feel free to contact me to discuss any sensory or other accommodations you may need to fully benefit from treatment.