Shelley Restall, MSW, RSW

registered social worker

“Do What You Can With All You Have, Wherever You Are.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

We live in a very busy world, where life can feel overwhelming, chaotic, and stressful at times. Life is a journey and along the pathways experiences can present challenges, growth, or we can be left hurting. Counseling is a service that can support you with developing and sustaining hope during tough times, building new ways to cope with life’s challenges, influenced from past experiences, the present time, or worries about the future that’s to come. Couples or family counseling services are often sought out when experiencing relationship conflict, feeling distant from each other, struggling to find balance with family needs and work demands, parenting challenges, and during times of loss.

My approach to counseling builds on an empathetic, integrative approach to creating a confidential, safe and caring environment for client’s to explore, reflect and grow through the use of Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) combined with traditional counseling modalities. Therapeutically I utilize a client centered, bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment, trauma informed, emotion-focused, CBT, DBT, mind-body connection, and mindfulness modalities to support the ongoing journey for emotional wellness. As a Master’s in Social Work trained clinician, my clinical experience has included mental health treatment across the lifespan, inclusive of individuals, families, parents, caregivers, and couples. Sessions often include a combination of EFT tapping with traditional counseling modalities for a mind, body, spirit approach to healing.

EFT tapping is an evidenced based intervention often integrated with other counseling techniques to help individuals feeling “stuck,” with traumatic experiences, strong emotions, negative thoughts, beliefs, and somatic sensations. It has been proven effective in the treatment of:

·         Depression & Anxiety
·         Chronic Pain Management
·         Trauma & PTSD
·         Food Cravings
·         Performance Anxiety
·         Reducing Stress

Schedule an initial session today to explore your concerns and how counseling can collaboratively support you to getting back on the pathway of lasting emotional wellness. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your wellness journey.

~Shelley Restall, MSW, RSW