55 Minute Psychotherapy Session$125
55 Minute Registered Social Work Session$125
Registered AcupunctureRate
Initial Acupuncture Treatment; Assessment & Treatment$80
Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment$65
Tui-Nua Microsystem Acupressure Massage$55

* Rates subject to HST

Initial Naturopathic Visit; Assessment & Treatment$165
15 Minute Follow-up Visit$35
20 Minute Follow-up Visit$45
30 Minute Follow-up Visit$65
45 Minute Follow-up Visit$95
60 Minute Follow-up Visit$125
Indian Head Massage & Bowen TechniqueRate
Bowen Assessment & Treatment - Adult$70
Bowen Assessment & Treatment - Baby$35
Bowen Pregnancy Treatment$70
45 Minute Indian Head Massage (not RMT)$55
60 Minute Indian Head Massage (not RMT)$65
Scar Tissue Release Technique$40

On-Site Childminding
& Direct Billing


Our Rates

Manual OsteopathyRate
Initial Treatment; Assessment & Treatment$115
45 Minute Follow-up Treatment$95
30 Minute Follow-up Treatment$75

First Visit Promo

To Be Announced 


Registered Massage Therapy*Rate
30 Minute Registered Massage Therapy Treatment$50
45 Minute Registered Massage Therapy Treatment$65
60 Minute Registered Massage Therapy Treatment$80
75 Minute Registered Massage Therapy Treatment$95
90 Minute Registered Massage Therapy Treatment$115