As a Registered Psychotherapist and mom of two children, I am passionate about working with you to address your concerns in the way that fits best for you. Strategies need to be relevant to your life situation. We will work together to develop those strategies to find hope in the midst of your challenges and move toward the future you want.

My private practice was started in 2006. I specialize in working with people dealing with postpartum mood disorders, infertility, parenting, bereavement, caregiving (including young carers), past abuse issues or other trauma, issues about gender identity or sexual orientation (individuals or family members), and issues of illness, disability, mental health concerns or other exceptional needs.

I care about addressing your needs in relevant ways and am constantly adding to my services and resources in order to achieve this goal. Soon I will be joined in my work by Rosie who is a Therapy Dog trained for Canine Assisted Interventions. I look forward to working with you.

Holly mathers, RP

registered Psychotherapist